What's In a Name?

Hey there, freaky folks! This is Aaron and Tara (TJ) Evans. Whether you are new to Kleen Freaks America or one of our freaky followers, we appreciate that you are here! We've traveled far and wide from our small town in Wichita, KS, to enjoy car hangs and bring Kleen Freaks products to the car community.

In 2013, we fell in love with the Kleen Freaks brand. The first product from the line that we tried was their hard wax. It was an awesome product that brought the depth of color and gloss back to dull, metallic black paint under the most harsh conditions of the midwest and it along with the Detailer Spray kept the car cleaner longer. Having had backgrounds in refinishing, we knew we were dealing with car care products that were special and not just formulated for smell only or that would only last through one or two washes. We began tagging the products on social media whenever we would detail, and thought it was pretty cool that Kleen Freaks would respond to our posts with enthusiasm and even some advice. 

The 2014 show season found us seventeen hours from home in Helen, GA, for a car show, and the owner of  Kleen Freaks, Michael Crawford, planned to be there. We spent some time getting to know him that weekend and by the end of it one of our personal cars was chosen to be a KF stateside sponsored vehicle. From that point, our friendship has grown and has now branched out into an exciting venture that has lead us to open a business that offers the entire Kleen Freaks car care line, KF and KFA merchandise/ apparel, and other accessories online and at car shows for all of our stateside detailing freaks. 

We are car enthusiasts ourselves to this day and currently have a 2019 VW Violet Touch Pearl Spektrum Golf R, a 2016 VW R Line Passat, a 1983 VW Diesel Rabbit, and a trusty 1972 GMC 2500 custom pick up truck that belonged to TJ's father (gotta keep the oldies in the family). Over our span of being young adults, we have experienced many hours around cars, bikes, professional paint and body work, and even thrown in some powder coating and building of industrial pizza ovens...yep! Aaron works for an industrial pizza oven manufacturer in sales and tech and we bet you'd see a few of those ovens at your local name brand pizza joints who will remain nameless but you catch our Domino's drift! Tara took a leap from an eleven year stint in aircraft as a QA Inspector landing at a powder coating facility as a QA Manager and Lead of the custom department at the shop she now works for. She's learning a new trade and excited about the creativity. 

Aside from work (because there has to be time for play), we spend time with our three goofy pups. Gracey (long haired Chihuahua) is the oldest, Leo (long haired Chihuahua) is the middle child, and Flora (rescue Pibble) is the wild youngin. They all have great personalities and really complete our pack. Most of our days are spent working full time, coming home to hang with the dogs, hanging with family and friends, and working the Kleen Freaks America brand.

We've grown leaps and bounds since our first year in business (2017) and we appreciate all of the support we've gotten along the way and thank those of you who have allowed us to be a part of your personal detailing regimen. Kleen Freaks headquarters and enthusiasts and businesses like you keep us going and coming back every year to car shows across the country. We love being a part of the car community and only hope to be able to offer these products to you for years to come. So tag us in your posts, hit us up, and let us answer any questions you may have about the products. Thanks for getting to know the KFA roots! 


~Aaron and Tara E. (Kleen Freaks America)

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Email: kleenfreaksamerica@gmail.com